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Latest Oracle 1z0-343 exam List

Oracle Oracle 1z0-343 Exam Video

1Z0-343 – Oracle University: https://education.oracle.com/product/pexam_1Z0-343

Latest updates Oracle 1z0-343 exam practice questions(1-5)

Your organization is using a Multi data source (MDS) on WebLogic Server to support applications connecting to an
Oracle RAC database. You have been tasked with configuring a new callback handler for the MDS. Which two
statements are true concerning related MDS options and behavior? (Choose two.)
A. Callback handlers are optional when using the Failover MDS Algorithm.
B. If the Failover Callback Handler attribute is set on the MDS, the Test Frequency attribute is no longer used.
C. Callback handlers are called for both failover and failback decisions.
D. You can register only one callback handler for each WebLogic server.
Correct Answer: CD
C: A callback handler used to control the failover and failback within a multi-data source must include an implementation
of the weblogic.jdbc.extensions.ConnectionPoolFailoverCallback interface.
D: You can register a callback handler with WebLogic Server that controls when a multi-data source with the Failover
algorithm fails over connection requests from one JDBC data source in the multi-data source to the next data source in
the list.
Incorrect Answers:
B: The frequency of these tests is controlled by the Test Frequency Seconds attribute of the multi-source. The default value
for Test Frequency is 120 seconds, so if you do not specifically set a value for the option, the multi-data source will test
disabled data sources every 120 seconds.
Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/web.1111/e13737/jdbc_multidatasources.htm#JDBCA223


You are analyzing the JMSDeliveryMode header field for all the messages for all the queues deployed to your
JMSServer. Which two values do you expect to find for this header? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AB
JMSDeliveryMode specifies PERSISTENT or NON_PERSISTENT messaging. Reference:


You are using the administration console to monitor messages in a queue. Which three tasks can be performed while
doing this monitoring? (Choose three.)
A. Create a new message in the queue.
B. Duplicate a message.
C. Monitor the content of a message.
D. Delete the message from the queue.
E. Merge two messages.
F. Alter the ordering of the messages.
Correct Answer: CDF


You want to create a WebLogic Server (WLS) Work Manager with a Response Time Request Class of one second. You
start to create the following WLST script:brain2dumps 1z0-343 exam questions q4

Which two can replace the missing sequence to finish this script? (Choose two.)
A. cmo.addTarget(getMBean(\\’/Servers/ManagedServer\\’))
cd(\\’edit:/SelfTuning/wls_domain/WorkManagers/MyWorkManager\\’) cmo.setResponseTimeRequestClass(getMBean
B. managedServer=getMBean(\\’/Servers/ManagedServer\\’) cmo.addTarget(managedServer)
C. cd(\\’edit:/Servers/ManagedServer\\’) cmo.addTarget(getMBean
(\\’/SelfTuning/wls_domain/ResponseTimeRequestClasses/MyResponseTime\\’)) cmo.addTarget
D. managedServer=getMBean(\\’/Servers/ManagedServer\\’) cmo.addTarget(managedServer)
cd(\\’edit:/SelfTuning/wls_domain/WorkManagers/MyWorkManager\\’) cmo.setResponseTimeRequestClass(getMBean
E. cmo.addTarqet(\\’/Servers/ManagedServer\\’) cd(\\’/SelfTuning/wls_domain/WorkManagers/MyWorkManager\\’)
cmo.setResponseTimeRequestClass (\\’/SelfTuning/wls_domain/ResponseTimeRequestClasses/MyResponseTime\\’)
Correct Answer: AD
Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12839_01/apirefs.1111/e13952/pagehelp/J2EEappworkresponsetimerequestclassconfigtitle.html


Which three statements are correct regarding the WLST to create command? (Choose three.)
A. When the create command is used with WLST online, the connection must be to the administration server.
B. The type of MBean being created must be a child type of the current management object.
C. The correct order of the mandatory parameters for the create statement is a name followed by childMBeanType.
D. The create command is used to create any configuration or runtime management bean.
E. The create command returns a WLSTProgress object.
Correct Answer: ABC
A: When using the create command with WLST online you must be connected to an Administration Server.
B: Child types must be created under an instance of their parent type.
C: Syntax: create(name, childMBeanType, [baseProviderType])
The Create command creates a configuration bean of the specified type for the current bean.
Incorrect Answers:
D: The create command returns a stub for the newly created configuration bean. It can\\’t create a runtime management
E: The create command returns a stub for the newly created configuration bean.
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13222_01/wls/docs92/config_scripting/reference.html#wp1081543

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Latest Oracle 1z0-517 exam List

Oracle Oracle 1z0-517 Exam Video

Exam: 1Z0-517 – Oracle:https://www.oracle.com/partners/en/products/applications/ebs-exam-1z0-517/index.html

Latest updates Oracle 1z0-517 exam practice questions (1-5)

A client wants to configure Oracle AP to perform prepayments for matched invoices.
You have been hired as the implementation consultant and have been given the assignment. To complete this
assignment, choose the option that applies.
A. Set up the prepayment terms.
B. Enable “Allow prepayments” in the Financial Options form.
C. Enable the Oracle Payables Enable Prepayments profile option.
D. No additional configuration is required. Users must set up the prepayment when the invoice is created.
E. No additional configuration is required. Users must set up the prepayment when the payment is created.
Correct Answer: D


Company ABC has decided to use the invoice approval workflow to require approval on all invoices. Select two
exceptions where Payables automatically sets the approval status to not required. (Choose two.)
A. invoices imported through EDI
B. invoices created after invoice workflow approval is enabled
C. invoices created using the Pay on Receipt Autoinvoice program
D. expense reports imported through the Payables Expense Report Import program
E. recurring invoices if the approval workflow option required was not enabled on the template
Correct Answer: DE


A manager wants to review the cash balance by company. He has asked you to create the summary account template.
The company\\’s accounting flexfield has four segments:
company (5 values)
cost centers (30 values)
region (4 values)
account (180 values)
The total number of cash accounts is five that are associated with two parents:
Three accounts are associated with the parent called Checking.
Two accounts are identified with the parent called Savings.
To combine the cash parents, you create a rollup group named Cash.
Which summary account template would you create to review the cash balances by company? (D:
Detail) (T: Total)
A. D-D-D-Cash
B. T-T-T-Cash
C. D-T-D-Cash
D. T-D-T-Cash
E. T-D-D-Cash
F. D-T-T-Cash
Correct Answer: F


Identify four options for Quick Payments. (Choose four.)
A. Create a check, save it, and print it later.
B. Select an invoice that has not been validated.
C. Select an invoice that has one or more holds.
D. Create a quick payment, and select an invoice regardless of the due date.
E. Create a quick payment, and select an invoice regardless of the payments terms.
F. Create and print a computer-generated payment to pay a supplier for one or more invoices.
Correct Answer: ADEF


Scott is implementing Oracle General Ledger for ABC Corporation. He needs help as he creates the accounting setup.
Which two are true for the creation of the accounting setup? (Choose two.)
A. Assigning legal entities to accounting setups is compulsory.
B. After the subledger accounting method is assigned, it cannot be changed.
C. Before completing the accounting setup, secondary ledgers and currency can be deleted.
D. A calendar cannot be assigned if it contains gaps between periods or it does not have a full fiscal year defined.
Correct Answer: CD

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Latest Oracle 1z0-520 exam List

Oracle 1z0-520 Exam Video

Exam: 1Z0-520 – Oracle:https://www.oracle.com/partners/en/products/applications/ebs-exam-1Z0-520/index.html

Latest updates Oracle 1z0-520 exam practice questions (1-5)

Identify the sequence of steps to determine the Descriptive Flexfield name on a form in Oracle E- Business Suite
Release 12 with Diagnostics enabled.
1) Select Help > Diagnostics > Examine.
2) The username of the DFF appears in the Value field.
3) Select the DFF name from the list of values in the “Field” field.
4) Select the “$DESCRIPTIVE_FUEXFIELD$B value for the Block name.
A. 1, 2, 3, 4
B. 1 4, 3, 2
C. 1, 3, 4, 2
D. 4, 3, 1, 2
Correct Answer: B


For the profile option TP: INV Cycle Count Entries form to Background processing, what are the system requirements
for it to be effective? (Choose two.)
A. The Receiving Transaction manager must be active.
B. The Cost Manager interface manager must be active.
C. The Move Transaction interface manager must be active.
D. The Material Transaction interface manager must be active.
E. The Lot Move Transaction interface manager must be active.
Correct Answer: BD


Consider the following setup:
Receipt Close Point = Accepted; Receipt Close Percent = 5%.
A shipment of 100 units for item A was scheduled to be delivered today. The shipment status changed to Closed for
Receiving after processing the delivery.
Which statement is true about this delivery?
A. 110 units of A are received and 94 are accepted.
B. 95 units of A are received and waiting in the receiving dock.
C. 99 units of A are received and 5 are rejected after inspection.
D. 110 units of A are received and 103 are delivered to the inventory.
E. 102 units of A are received and then 10 are returned to the vendor due to damage.
Correct Answer: D


Select three features that Multi-Org provides to satisfy business needs. (Choose three.)
A. secures user access to data
B. supports fixed asset management
C. procures from one Legal Entity and receives in another
D. supports multiple language installations of Oracle Applications
E. supports any number of business units within a single installation
Correct Answer: ACE


Which three fields can be set in the requisition preferences phase of the requisition life cycle? (Choose three.)
A. Preparer
B. Category
C. Requestor
D. Description
E. Charge Account
F. Destination Type
G. Requisition Amount
H. UOM (Unit of Measure)
Correct Answer: CEF

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Latest Oracle 1z0-521 exam List

Oracle 1z0-521 Exam Video

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Order Management Essentials:https://www.oracle.com/partners/en/products/applications/ebs-exam-1z0-521/index.html

Latest updates Oracle 1z0-521 exam practice questions (1-5)

Identify two features of Value Set that has a validation type of “None”. (Choose two.)
A. It has an approved list of values associated with it.
B. The entered values must meet the formatting requirements
C. The Flexfield value security rules cannot be used for a segment that uses this Value Set.
D. Users can enter any value that they want even if it does not meet formatting requirements
Correct Answer: BC


Which three statements are true about delivery lines? (Choose three.)
A. Delivery lines are assigned to trips.
B. Delivery lines can be unassigned from deliveries.
C. A delivery line is required for all outbound shipments.
D. Delivery lines can be assigned to the same delivery across organizations.
E. Delivery lines cannot be unassigned after they have a delivery number created.
Correct Answer: ABC


Identify three correct statements regarding customer acceptance setups. (Choose three.)
A. Customer acceptance can be enabled at the inventory organization level
B. For enabling customer acceptance, no setup is required on OM
C. Customer acceptance can be enabled at the OM operating-unit level
D. Define assignments rules for deferral reasons at the customer, site, or item level.
E. The first step to enable customer acceptance is to set the OM system parameter: Enable Fulfillment Acceptance.
F. The second step of the customer acceptance setup is to define customer acceptance deferral reasons in the AR
revenue management setup.
Correct Answer: CEF

When granting shipping rights to a user, you select full access and leave the organization blank. What is the effect of
this setup?
A. The user will not be granted shipping rights to any organization.
B. The user will be granted full shipping rights to all organizations.
C. The user will be granted view-only shipping rights to all organizations.
D. The user will not be granted view or shipping rights to any organization.
Correct Answer: B


Identify the two values that the Reporting Level parameter can have when using cross organization reports with the
Multi?rg Access Control feature. (Choose two.)
A. Ledger
B. Legal entity
C. Operating Unit
D. Security profile
E. Business group
Correct Answer: AC

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