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Latest update HP HPE0-J58 exam questions and answers online practice test

A customer requires an all-flash solution that will scale-out, with multiple arrays for replication. The customer also needs
the solution to provide more data per terabyte of flash storage than competing solutions. Which HPE program should
you leverage in your solution to help meet the customer\’s requirements?
A. HPE Store More Guarantee
B. HPE Nimble Timeless Storage
C. HPE Get Thin Guarantee
D. HPE Get 6-Nines Guarantee
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.hpe.com/emea_europe/en/storage/nimble.html

Click and drag the steps on the left into the appropriate order on the right to set up an HPE 3PAR array in InfoSight.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Reference: https://www.slideshare.net/CalvinZito/hpe-hpe-infosight-for-3par-quickstart-v14

A customer needs a new replication solution that makes use of capacity efficiency technologies, even though data is
being replicated to another array. You have been developing a solution that includes two HPE 3PAR arrays. What
should you emphasize in your proposal?
A. The arrays share deduplication hash tables, and the target array only needs to compress the replicated data from the
source array
B. Compression technologies increase the effective bandwidth being available for replication and disaster recovery
C. Thin Technologies, deduplication, and compression can be used on both sides with volumes in Remote Copy groups
D. The data being replicated will travel the connection between the arrays fully compressed and deduplicated
Correct Answer: D

What is one of the advantages of protecting HPE 3PAR File Persona with RMC?
A. MS SQL data consistency is provided
B. Single file recovery is possible
C. Transparent failover is offered If clients are using SMB 3.0, even if you recover to another 3PAR
D. Backup throughput will be considerably faster than other backup methods
Correct Answer: D

You receive an error when attempting to utilize SAF Analyze to upload customer data that you have collected to develop
reports for a new proposal. What must you do first to begin the process?
A. Create a single .zip file of all data exports
B. Create a new opportunity
C. Create a gatekeeper on your SAF utility server
D. Export the data as .xml
Correct Answer: A

A customer has a primary site with an HPE Nimble Storage array and a secondary site with another HPE Nimble
Storage array. The customer had a planned power outage at their primary site, and now needs to switch back to the
Place the steps into the order they must be performed to switch back the primary array.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer is considering a new HPE 3PAR for the purpose of implementing deduplication and compression. Based on
the output returned from the NinjaCrawler tool, what do you know about the customer data?
A. This data is a good candidate for HPE 3PAR deduplication
B. This data has a video data workload profile
C. This data is from an HP-UX system
D. This data has a block size which is not optimal for HPE 3PAR
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has the environment shown. They currently perform application-consistent daily full backups via Veeam
backup to an HPE StoreOnce device. These backups are then replicated to an alternate device using Catalyst copy.
Changing business requirements have mandated the RPO and RTO for the customer\’s SQL databases be reduced to
15 minutes. Due to the size of the databases, it is not possible to meet this requirement with their existing backout
What should you recommend the customer implement in order to meet their new requirement?
A. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy in Synchronous Mode
B. HPE RMC Express Protect
C. SPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank
D. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy in Asynchronous Streaming Mode
Correct Answer: D

A customer requests a proposal for two HPE 3PAR arrays using asynchronous periodic replication. The customer has
two data centers, and the current bandwidth available for replication between the data centers is 200 Mb/s. The
is replicating 30TB, and the change rate is 3% in 24 hours. The customer wants to achieve an RPO of 10 minutes.
Which statement about bandwidth and replication is true for the customer requirements?
A. The bandwidth is sufficient, and replication must happen every 5 minutes
B. The bandwidth will have to be increased, and replication must happen every 5 minutes
C. The bandwidth is sufficient, and replication must happen every 10 minutes
D. The bandwidth will have to be increased, and replication must happen every 10 minutes
Correct Answer: B

A customer wants to implement a disaster recovery plan for their current HPE 3PAR array data. They have obtained a
remote site 10km away their primary site. They have performed bandwidth testing, and have confirmed their RTT is
approximately 100ms. The customer needs to provide data replication to assure the best data availability they can
achieve. Which synchronization method meets their needs?
A. Asynchronous Streaming
B. Asynchronous Periodic Remote Copy
C. Synchronous Remote Copy
D. Peer Persistence
Correct Answer: B

A customer with an existing StoreOnce 5100 appliance needs guidance on determining long-term expected growth of
the storage utilization based on actual usage.
However, the customer\’s ISV backup software only shows 30 days of historical data.
Which step should be performed to check the StoreOnce 5100 for best practices and allow for growth planning?
A. Run the DD Analyzer Sizing Tool
B. Run the HPE Storage Sizer tool
C. Perform an HPE NinjaProtected+ assessment
D. Register StoreOnce 5100 in the InfoSight portal
Correct Answer: B

A customer has two HPE Nimble arrays that are replication partners. The replication schedule is set to every hour.
After replication completed at 1:00pm, the array at the primary site suffers a power failure.
Applications were failed over successfully by the administrators, and production continued on the secondary site array
as designed.
At 3:00pm, the power was restored to the primary site array.
What does the administrator need to do first to restore services in the primary site?
A. Perform handover from the secondary array to the primary array
B. Create a new replication partnership from the primary array to the secondary array
C. Create a new replication partnership from the secondary array to the primary array
D. Perform a failback of the existing replication partnership to the primary array
Correct Answer: A

A startup company is considering an HPE Nimble solution. They have a small IT budget, and they need to futureproof for changing performance requirements. How does the Nimble architecture meet the company’s needs? (Select
A. native support for block and file services
B. minimal downtime technology refresh
C. Support for FCoE
D. non-disruptive technology refresh
E. ability to mix-and-match All-flash and hybrid nodes
Correct Answer: CE

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