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Latest Update HP HPE0-V14 Exam Questions and Answers Online Test

You have configured a port on an HPE FlexFabric 5900 series switch that is connected to a VMware ESXi server to
support multiple VLANs.hp hpe0-v14 certification exam q1

Given the configuration above, what should happen to any of the untagged traffic coming from the VMware ESXi host?
A. The untagged traffic with be dropped.
B. The untagged traffic will be transmitted in VLAN 2.
C. The untagged traffic will be transmitted in VLAN 50.
D. The untagged traffic will be transmitted.ted in VLAN 1.
Correct Answer: C


Why is SNMPv2c considered to be insecure?
A. SNMPv2c agents only accept GET requests which match their read-only community string
B. SNMPv2c community strings are transmitted in clear text
C. SNMPv2c only allows the signing of the message payload
D. SNMPv2c agents only encrypt WRITE messages.
Correct Answer: B


Which solution should you recommend to a customer for basic file and print services?
A. Superdome Flex
B. ProLiant
C. Synergy
D. Apollo
Correct Answer: B

Customer is subject to regulatory requirements and their data is highly sensitive. Which HPE Smart Array feature
addresses their need for a level of security for data stored inside their server?
A. Secure Encryption
B. SmartCache
C. Smart Battery backed-up write-cache
D. Rapid Parity Initialization
Correct Answer: A


A customer needs a virtual desktop infrastructure environment to quickly deploy new desktop images to more than 70
onsite contractors. They plan to use HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers running VMware ESXi connected to a shared
storage device. The customer requires deduplication because they are concerned about the required storage capacity
for the full clone images. Which storage device would best address their concerns?
A. HPE MSA 1040
B. HPE MSA 2052
C. HPE Nimble AF20
D. HPE Nimble HF20C
Correct Answer: C


A customer needs a new VMware environment for a critical stock trading application and will need high performance
compute and low latency storage.
Identify the correct component configurations on the left and drag them to the answer area on the right. (Choose two.)
Select and Place:

hp hpe0-v14 certification exam q6


You are managing an HPE ProLiant rack-mount server and need to determine when the Remote Console was most
recently used.
Where can you find this information?
A. System
C. iLO
D. Audit
Correct Answer: C

A customer is considering an upgrade of their networking infrastructure with the HPE FlexFabric 5940 series switch.
Match the fan tray option with the airflow direction.
Select and Place:hp hpe0-v14 certification exam q8


A customer needs to provide inventory management, health monitoring, status alerting, and reporting for their ProLiant
servers. Which HPE management offering meets the customer\\’s needs?
A. OneView
B. Insight Remote Support
C. InfoSight
D. Insight Online
Correct Answer: A


Which tool provides a report on the current usage levels and life span of some installed read-intensive flash drives?
A. Central Management Console
B. Integrated Management Log
C. Intelligent Provisioning
D. Smart Storage Administrator
Correct Answer: D


Where would a customer go running the SSD wear Gauge report on an HPE ProLiant server?
A. OneView Standard
B. UEFI System Bios
C. insight Diagnostics
D. Smart Storage Administrator
Correct Answer: D


What does StoreOnce use to allow independent software vendors (ISV) to be aware of the HPE StoreOnce Backup
system and its capabilities without emulation?
A. Recovery Manager Central
B. Catalyst Target
C. Virtual Tape Library
D. NAS Target
Correct Answer: B


A customer plans to back up a file server that holds 2 TB of data
The customer wants to upgrade their network infrastructure to support backup and to implement a data center network
Which solutions would HPE recommend to meet the customer’s needs? (Choose two.)
A. FlexFabric 5900
B. StoreEasy 1450
C. StoreVirtual VSA
D. Aruba 2900
E. StoreOnce 3100
Correct Answer: AE

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