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300-475 CLDACI – Cisco:

This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills in:

  • ACI Architecture, Fabric and Physical Topology
  • ACI Design and Configuration
  • APIC Automation Using Northbound API
  • ACI Integration and
  • ACI Day 2 Operations

Latest updates Cisco 300-475 exam practice questions

Which two planes are involved in the discovery of hypervisor hosts on the Cisco ACI? (Choose two.)
A. data
B. management
C. control
Correct Answer: AC

In Cisco ACI, if no contract is attached to the EPG, what is the default behavior?
A. All ICMP packets are allowed in inter-EPG communication.
B. All TCP ports are allowed in inter-EPG communication.
C. Inter-EPG communication is disabled.
D. Unidirectional traffic is allowed for all protocols in inter-EPG communication.
Correct Answer: D

What are two benefits of the Clos architecture? (Choose two.)
A. improved fabric scalability
B. complicated network design and implementation
C. multiple nonblocking ECMP paths from all leafs
D. limited fabric scalability
Correct Answer: AC

Which best describes the Cisco ACI fabric configuration?
A. manual discovery, manual provisioning, 10- and 40-Gb/s links, Clos design
B. autodiscovery, manual provisioning, 10- and 40-Gb/s links, Clos design
C. autodiscovery, zero-touch provisioning, 40-Gb/s links, Clos design
D. manual discovery, zero-touch provisioning, 40-Gb/s links, Clos design
Correct Answer: C

When creating EPGs in the Cisco ACI, what does this automatically create on an associated DVS?
A. network ports
B. port groups
Correct Answer: B

In Cisco ACI, what enables inter-End Point Group communications?
A. contracts
B. subcontracts
C. private VLANs
D. community VLANs
Correct Answer: A

Which three networking architectures is the Cisco ACI architecture based on? (Choose three.)
A. leaf-and-spine architecture
B. multicast gateway
C. a controller that is not involved in traffic forwarding
D. software-based mapping database lookup
E. zero-touch provisioning for all loopbacks, Layer 3 links, and routing within the fabric
F. Host-based forwarding in the mapping database that provides IP-to-VLAN tunnel endpoint mapping information to the
Correct Answer: ACE

The Cisco APIC supports which two health score types? (Choose two.)
A. system-based
B. policy-based
C. leaf-based
D. EPG-based
Correct Answer: AC

What is the name of the program that provides a real-time display of REST API commands that the Cisco APIC
processes to perform GUI interactions in Cisco APIC?
A. CLI Editor
B. API Inspector
C. APIC Console
D. ACI Inspector
Correct Answer: B

In Cisco ACI, which two statements are true about contexts? (Choose two.)
A. A tenant can have multiple contexts.
B. A context defines a Layer 2 address domain; whereas the bridge domain defines the unique Layer 3 MAC address
C. A context is equivalent to a virtual routing and forwarding instance in the networking world.
D. A context can be associated with only one bridge domain.
Correct Answer: AC

Which three languages can be leveraged when developing programmatic interaction with the Cisco APIC? (Choose
A. Python
B. Ruby
C. Dash
D. Puppet
Correct Answer: ABC

How can system and pod health scores be viewed?
A. GUI system dashboard
B. cumulonimbus collector
C. Cisco APIC Python D. Cisco Health Score Viewer
Correct Answer: A

In Cisco ACI, which three statements are true about endpoints and endpoint groups? (Choose three.)
A. EPGs contain endpoints that have common policy requirements such as security, virtual machine mobility, QoS, or
Layer 4 to Layer 7 services.
B. An EPG can be statically configured by an administrator in the Cisco APIC, or dynamically configured by an
automated system such as vCenter or OpenStack.
C. Policies are applied to individual endpoints rather than EPGs for better efficiency.
D. Endpoints have an address (identity), a location, attributes (such as version or patch level), and can be physical or
E. Endpoints have attributes and can only be virtual.
F. An EPG can only be configured statically by an administrator in the Cisco APIC.
Correct Answer: ABD

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