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Cisco CCIE Wireless 400-351 Exam Practice Questions


You are deploying Cisco 3702 Access Ports and want to power them via Power over Ethernet while running at

maximum power/capacity. The network access switches are not Cisco and cannot use Cisco Discovery Protocol. Which

protocol must be enabled to have the APs negotiate their minimum power requirements? 



C. 802.3af 


Correct Answer: B 



You want to set up Prime infrastructure to be notified when a device configuration has changed. Which option is

available in prime infrastructure 2.2 ? 

A. Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the device configuration change(s} on regularly scheduled. 

B. Set up prime Infrastructure to send an email containing the change audit report immediately after the configuration

change is detected 

C. Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the change audit report on a regular scheduled basis 

D. Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the configuration change(s) immediately after the

configuration change is detected. 

Correct Answer: C 



When creating a guest account on Cisco identity Services Engine .Which option in the sponsor portal allows for the

guest credentials to be used for RADIUS authentication without requiring the guest user to log into the guest portal? 

A. Set the Guest role to Guest 

B. Set the Guest role to Activated guest 

C. Set the Time Profile to Radius 1Day 

D. Check the box to send email not send email notification id the guest user name is based on the email address. 

Correct Answer: B 



You are troubleshooting a wireless mesh API join issue. Which feature helps to prevent a mesh AP from being stranded

after going through a timer reboot? 

A. universal access 

B. passive beaconing 

C. daisy chaining 

D. background scanning 

Correct Answer: B 



A wireless engineer has completed the configurator of the QoS profiles on the WLC and has assigned then to the

WLANs. The engineer applies the profiles, tests them, and notices that traffic is blocked for some of the WLANs. Which

problem is true? 

A. AVC must be enabled for the QoS profiles to work properly. 

B. The QoS profiles and the traffic restrictions of the WLANs are different. 

C. The QoS profiles have 802.1p tagging configured, and the WLANs that are assigned use untagged interfaces on the


D. The QoS profiles have 802.1p tagging disabled, and the WLANs that are assigned use tagged interfaces on the


Correct Answer: D 



You have been asked to change your 7925 wireless IP phone scan mode from Auto to Continuous. Which two

statements about Continuous scan mode are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The mode is recommended for environments where frequent roams occur or where smaller cells (pico cells) exist. 

B. The phone scans only when on a call or when the signal strength (RSSI) is low. 

C. The phone scans continuously, even when it is not in a call. 

D. The phone scans only when the basic service set is lost. 

E. Idle battery life is increased slightly when using this scan mode because the client does not have to send any

association probe requests. 

Correct Answer: AC 



Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-351 exam question q7

An apple TV is associated to the wireless network wireless attempt to connect to it but they report that cannot discover
the apple TV on their devices what is most likely the root cause ?
A. The mDNS origin is not set to wireless
B. The mDNS globalsnooping is disabled
C. The mDNS service provider is not associated to a profile
D. The mDNS profile is not associated to the wlan
Correct Answer: D


Select and Place:lead4pass 400-351 exam question q8

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 400-351 exam question q8-1


Drag and drop the RF performance metric on the left to the threshold that is recommended to provide good voice over
wireless performance on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 400-351 exam question q9

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 400-351 exam question q9-1


Which two statements are true about adding Identity Services Engines 1.3 to Prime Infrastructure 2.2?(Choose two.)
A. You need to use super user credentials on ISE for PI integration to work.
B. If you add two ISEs, one should be primary and the other should be standby.
C. Configuration templates within PI can be used to set up ISE.
D. A maximum of three ISEs can be added to PI.
Correct Answer: ABlead4pass 400-351 exam question q10


Refer to the exhibit, based upon the given configuration which two statement are true? (choose two)lead4pass 400-351 exam question q11

A. local RADIUS server is used
B. No password is required everyone can join wireless network
C. Users will be required to provide a username and password for authentication
D. User will be required to provide a password only order to get access
E. Remote RADIUS servers is used
Correct Answer: AC


You are setting up a Cisco access point in repeater mode with a non-Cisco access point as the parent and you use this
interface configuration on your Cisco access point.lead4pass 400-351 exam question q12

You are getting the following error message. Which reason for this issue is true?
A. %D0Tll-4-CANT_A$S0C:lnterface DotllRadioO, cannot associate:No Aironet Extension IE.
B. “dotll extension aironet” is missing under the interface DotllRadio 0 interface When repeater mode is used, unicast-
flooding must be enabled to allow Aironet IE communications.
C. The parent AP MAC address has not been defined.
D. Repeater mode only works between Cisco access points.
Correct Answer: A

lead4pass 400-351 exam question q12-1


While troubleshooting a failed central web authentication configuration on Cisco WLC, you discover that the Cisco WLC
Policy Manager State is showing RUN for new clients and not CENTRAL_WEB_AUTH. Which of the below is most
likely causing this issue?
A. The WLAN NAC state should be set to RADIUIS NAC.
B. The WLAN Layer 2 security should be set to WPA+WPA2.
C. The WLAN Layer 3 security should be set to Web Policy with Conditional Web Redirect.
D. The Web Login Page under the Cisco WLC security settings should be set to External(Redirect to external server).
Correct Answer: Alead4pass 400-351 exam question q13

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