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An HR employee began having issues with a device becoming unresponsive after attempting to open an email
attachment. When informed, the security analyst became suspicious of the situation, even though there was not any
unusual behavior on the IDS or any alerts from the antivirus software. Which of the following BEST describes the type of
threat in this situation?
A. Packet of death
B. Zero-day malware
C. PII exfiltration
D. Known virus
Correct Answer: B


A security analyst is conducting a vulnerability assessment of older SCADA devices on the corporate network. Which of
the following compensating controls is likely to prevent the scans from providing value?
A. Access control list network segmentation that prevents access to the SCADA devices inside the network.
B. Detailed and tested firewall rules that effectively prevent outside access of the SCADA devices.
C. Implementation of a VLAN that allows all devices on the network to see all SCADA devices on the network.
D. SCADA systems configured with `SCADA SUPPORT\\’=ENABLE
Correct Answer: B


A production web server is experiencing performance issues. Upon investigation, new unauthorized applications have
been installed and suspicious traffic was sent through an unused port. Endpoint security is not detecting any malware or
virus. Which of the following types of threats would this MOST likely be classified as?
A. Advanced persistent threat
B. Buffer overflow vulnerability
C. Zero day
D. Botnet
Correct Answer: A


During an investigation, a computer is being seized. Which of the following is the FIRST step the analyst should take?
A. Power off the computer and remove it from the network.
B. Unplug the network cable and take screenshots of the desktop.
C. Perform a physical hard disk image.
D. Initiate chain-of-custody documentation.
Correct Answer: A


In reviewing firewall logs, a security analyst has discovered the following IP address, which several employees are using
The organization\\’s servers use IP addresses in the CIDR. Additionally, the analyst has noticed that
corporate data is being stored at this new location. A few of these employees are on the management and executive
management teams. The analyst has also discovered that there is no record of this IP address or service in reviewing
the known locations of managing system assets. Which of the following is occurring in this scenario?
A. Malicious process
B. Unauthorized change
C. Data exfiltration
D. Unauthorized access
Correct Answer: C


A company decides to move three of its business applications to different outsourced cloud providers. After moving the
applications, the users report the applications time out too quickly and too much time is spent logging back into the
different web-based applications throughout the day. Which of the following should a security architect recommend to
improve the end-user experience without lowering the security posture?
A. Configure directory services with a federation provider to manage accounts.
B. Create a group policy to extend the default system lockout period.
C. Configure a web browser to cache the user credentials.
D. Configure user accounts for self-service account management.
Correct Answer: B


A security analyst was asked to join an outage call for a critical web application. The web middleware support team
determined the web server is running and having no trouble processing requests; however, some investigation has
revealed firewall denies to the web server that began around 1.00 a.m. that morning. An emergency change was made
to enable the access, but management has asked for a root cause determination. Which of the following would be the
BEST next step?
A. Install a packet analyzer near the web server to capture sample traffic to find anomalies.
B. Block all traffic to the web server with an ACL.
C. Use a port scanner to determine all listening ports on the web server.
D. Search the logging servers for any rule changes.
Correct Answer: D


A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) wants to implement BYOD in the environment. Which of the following options should
the security analyst suggest to protect corporate data on these devices? (Choose two.)
A. Disable VPN connectivity on the device.
B. Disable Bluetooth on the device.
C. Disable near-field communication on the device.
D. Enable MDM/MAM capabilities.
E. Enable email services on the device.
F. Enable encryption on all devices.
Correct Answer: DF


An analyst reviews a recent report of vulnerabilities on a company\\’s financial application server. Which of the following
should the analyst rate as being of the HIGHEST importance to the company\\’s environment?
A. Banner grabbing
B. Remote code execution
C. SQL injection
D. Use of old encryption algorithms
E. Susceptibility to XSS
Correct Answer: B

An organization uses Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) scores to prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities.
Management wants to modify the priorities based on a difficulty factor so that vulnerabilities with lower CVSS scores
may get a higher priority if they are easier to implement with less risk to system functionality. Management also wants to
quantify the priority. Which of the following would achieve management\\’s objective?
A. (CVSS Score) * Difficulty = Priority Where Difficulty is a range from 0.1 to 1.0 with 1.0 being easiest and lowest risk to
B. (CVSS Score) * Difficulty = Priority Where Difficulty is a range from 1 to 5 with 1 being easiest and lowest risk to
C. (CVSS Score) / Difficulty = Priority Where Difficulty is a range from 1 to 10 with 10 being easiest and lowest risk to
D. ((CVSS Score) * 2) / Difficulty = Priority Where CVSS Score is weighted and Difficulty is a range from 1 to 5 with 5
being easiest and lowest risk to implement
Correct Answer: C


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) instructed the new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to provide a list of
enhancement to the company\\’s cybersecurity operation. As a result, the CISO has identified the need to align security
operations with industry best practices. Which of the following industry references is appropriate to accomplish this?
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.nist.gov/sites/default/files/documents/itl/Cybersecurity_Green-Paper_FinalVersion.pdf


Which of the following command-line utilities would an analyst use on an end-user PC to determine the ports it is
listening on?
A. tracert
B. ping
C. nslookup
D. netstat
Correct Answer: D


An organization has had problems with security teams remediating vulnerabilities that are either false positives or are
not applicable to the organization\\’s servers. Management has put emphasis on security teams conducting detailed
analysis and investigation before conducting any remediation.
The output from a recent Apache webserver scan is shown below:[2021.1] lead4pass cs0-001 exam questions q13

The team performs some investigation and finds this statement from Apache on 07/02/2008:
“Fixed in Apache HTTP server 2.2.6, 2.0.61, and 1.3.39”
Which of the following conditions would require the team to perform remediation on this finding?
A. The organization is running version 2.2.6 and has ExtendedStatus enabled
B. The organization is running version 2.0.59 is not using a public-server-status page
C. The organization is running version 1.3.39 and is using a public-server-status page
D. The organization is running version 2.0.5 and has ExtendedStatus enabled
Correct Answer: D

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